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Miguel Sicart | Playing Software

Miguel Sicart

Posted on:March 9, 2023 at 04:30 PM

Why do we play with computers? From video games to digital toys, social media, and generative AI systems, play shapes the way we interact, produce, and consume software.

In this Coffee Talk, Miguel Sicart, Head of the Center for Digital Play at ITU, explores the role of play in shaping computational culture and software development and highlights the promises and dangers of a playful understanding of digital technology.

Many speaking points are also featured in Miguel’s latest book, “Playing Software”. We highly recommend to check it out!


ITU Coffee Talks continues to take place in 📍Cafe Analog. We will provide some snacks and drinks during the event. Expect the following approximate schedule:

16:30 Beginning of Talk

17:15 Small Break

17:20 Open Discussion

18:30 End of Event